Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This Week's Sales

1) Mehndi Thaals by Nimra: Year End Sale

2) Pak Rivayat Accessories: Jewelry Winter Sale

3) Branded Collection: Sale Album

4) Ni Rang Grand Surprise Sale (50% off on entire stock): Check their Facebook page for details. 

5) Smart Bargains: Grand Stock Clearance Sale 

6) All that Glitterz: Victoria's Secret Sale (2 days only)

7) Zasha's Collection: New Year (2014) Sale  

 8) Ideas by Gul Ahmed: Winter Clearance Sale

If you know of any sale going on that is not mentioned here, kindly do share in a comment. 

Thank you 


  1. hey kiran thats so nice of you love the concept...
    i am unable to access the last page on fb...can u post the link here for me...

    1. hi afeefa, thank you so much :). Here's the individual link to the page. hope this helps. https://www.facebook.com/mynirang?ref=stream&hc_location=stream